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Why LrpHolsers?

Ever notice how everyone’s IWB Kydex wrap (taco) holsters all look the same? LRP Holsters are built to be your only IWB Holster. Custoom IWB Tuckable holsters. Made with Kydex and Leather. All our holsters are custom and 100% US Made. Single clip design allows the individual to adjust the cant to provide ultimate comfort and concealability. If there is something you in particular you’re searching for and don’t see it here, send us a message using our contact form below, and we can help you out with a custom design.





About LrpHolsters

Libertatem rei Publicae is Latin for Liberty of the Republic and I truly believe that an armed and educated populous is the surest way of protecting freedom.

When I became a CCW holder I was looking at the current market available. I noticed that the majority of the IWB holsters didn’t fit my needs and the image I was looking for. It also became apparent that I would need different holsters for different purposes. When I set out to create LrP Holsters I wanted a holster that was small, compact, sturdy and also gave me options. Most importantly I wanted comfort.

If you have your CCW license you are more than likely carrying everyday and all day long. This has lead many to go the “King Tuck” route – inside the waistband leaving a larger imprint and reduced movement. All LrP Holsters are made with an on the fly adjustable tilt for ease of movement and gives you the ability to transition from standing to kneeling to sitting. I wanted to create a holster that would be the only holster you would need for all occasions. Space has been created between the clip and the holster itself to allow for a few shirts to be tucked in. If you are a jeans and t’shirt type or the office jockey LrP Holsters has you covered.


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