Why LrP Holsters?

  • LrP Holsters reduces your holster profile by utilizing a single clip design. This reduces your imprint overall by utilizing  less overall leather material to attach to your belt

  • The single clip allows one holster for various positions; Strong Side, Small of Back, Weak Side Cross Draw.

  • The single clip design allows quick adjustments of the firearm while on the move to reduce imprint when going from a standing to a kneeling or sitting position.

  • This quick adjustment increases comfort in each position since you are carrying all day. So, whether you are going to be sitting down in a conference for a few hour or driving to work the ability to rotate the firearm makes for a more comfortable experience.

  • The J shaped clip design ensures your firearm draws freely each and every time.


  • LrP Holsters  utilizes .08 thickness Kydex for the holster and .93 for the clip. This provides a stronger more durable holster.

  • Space has been provided in between the firearm and the clip for you to properly tuck in a few shirts without bunching up creating a bulge.

  • LrP Holsters are hand-made in small batches with a custom fit.

  • The Chicago style screws allow you to properly disassemble the holster to clean out the lint and hydrate and maintenance your leather.

  • LrP Holsters are a leather/Kydex hybrid. The leather provides cushion and comfort against the skin while the Kydex provides strength, retention and protection of the firearm. The leather/Kydex combination is the best of both worlds.


Most importantly,

LrP Holsters are 100% Made in America